918kiss: Best Online Casino with Great Bonus and Prizes

918kiss has undergone a great overhaul in the past years. Right now, its new name is SCR888. Despite the name change, fans all over Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore still recognize the name. So, why 918kiss is so popular among online gamers despite a different name used?

Here are the reasons you should choose Kiss918 or 918kiss over other casino platforms.


918Kiss APK Download | Kiss918 APK | SCR888 iOS Malaysia

918kaya, which is another translated term for the SCR888 casino platform, is the embodiment of quality and convenience. This online casino offers fast check out as compared with other casinos.

Moreover, you don’t have to go out to play your favorite casino games anymore. You can download and install the 918kiss apk on your mobile device. Anytime, you can play online casino games.

Free i1scr Casino Games

Jomkiss, i1scr, or 918Kiss offers free games for new players and beginners. These free games allow you to try the casino platform before creating a real account and betting on real money.

The test account will let you use the full version of the casino for a limited time only. So, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Loyalty Points

Download 918KISS (SCR888)

Another great thing about 918kiss casino is its loyalty points. You can earn points just by playing online, which isn’t available with standard casinos. The loyalty points may differ from one casino game to another.

Whether you’re winning or losing, you can earn loyalty points. So, keep playing but not beyond what you can afford to lose. The good news is you can use these points in claiming bonuses and casino credits.

Safe and Reliable

918kiss apk or Kiss918 apk is safe and reliable. You can download it from any reliable app store or the official website of a partner. Aside from a safe DL apk, you can expect secure payment methods for your deposits and withdrawals.

With the implementation of an encrypted site or SSL certificate, most casino sites nowadays can protect your data from hackers. As long as you keep your information from prying eyes, your information is safe. This means you have to be extra careful in making your data secure too.

Stylish Layout and Interface

Best of 918Kiss Online Casino In Malaysia | by seeandavoid.org

Kiss918 download is super easy. Once you install the app on your preferred devices, you’ll be greeted with the most stylish layout and interface. The game layout is easy for beginners and expert gamers.

This is one reason why patrons keep coming back, no matter how many times the developers rebrand the casino platform. You know you’re getting the best when you play the casino games on this platform.


On top of these reasons, customer service is top-notch. 918kiss (SCR888) has the most communicative customer support. It’s available 24/7. No matter what issues you’re trying to resolve with your casino account, you can get the solution.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the free account and see for yourself. Then, when you’re ready for the real thing, just click the kiss918 download link and install the secure app on your mobile phone.